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Here’s a sample script to help you with your call, letter or email:

Hi, my name is [name], I’m from [city]. I’m contacting you to ask for your support to endorse restrictions on enhanced wakes such as those created by wake boats.  Enhanced wakes are damaging the environment, shoreline, wetlands, wildlife habitats, and the safety of people and property.  Numerous scientific studies conclusively prove that enhanced wakes cause sediment resuspension, near-shore turbidity, shoreline erosion, and increased probability of AIS transmittal through ballast receptacles.  The State of Minnesota has regulated personal watercraft, but these wake-enhancing boats, which are much more destructive, remain unregulated.

Currently, existing laws are inadequate to protect against damage from enhanced wakes created by new technology. In order to protect the ecology of the lake and the surrounding shore, we need statewide legislation that restricts enhanced wakes within 1000 feet of shore, and a minimum of 16 feet of depth to stop the damage that is occurring at an alarming rate. Can I count on [name] to cosponsor and support restrictions on artificially-enhanced wakes such as those created by wake boats?

Thank you for your time.

Propose an Ordinance to Regulate Boat Activity

on Minnesota Lakes and Rivers